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Hackages is a Brussels and Amsterdam-based organisation with the mission of helping mobile and web developers in their projects and their continuous learning.

We are specialised in providing trainings in JavaScript and its ecosystem, C# and .NET Core, Java and DevOps.

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Depending on the length and topic of the training you can choose from:

  • Uplifting Programme

    Uplifting Programme

    The Uplifting Programme is a personalised long-term training aiming at continuously improving the programming skills of the developers in your company.

    Intensive sessions on-site are followed by integration support, workshops and expertise days to reinforce the acquired knowledge.

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  • HackCamp


    An intensive course of one or more days to learn a specific new technology in our spaces or at your company for your team. By combining theory with hands-on exercises and pair-programming, it provides you with insights and conceptualizations of specific topics and projects within a technology.

    HackCamps are organised on the following topics: JavaScript fundamentals, Angular, React, Java, Node.JS, VueJS, Docker & Kubernetes.

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  • Tech Jargon Workshop

    Tech Jargon Game Training Session

    The Tech Jargon workshop is a session designed to help non-technical profiles to grasp technical concepts and their context. With the help of a visual card game and the guidance of an expert software engineer, participants gain an understanding of the main categories within the IT sector and are able to engage in technical discussions. This session can be followed onsite or offsite.

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Product Development

Need an experienced web development team?

We help organisations and individuals to develop software from beginning to end. Together with the different stakeholders, we decide functionalities, design concepts and prototypes during co-creation workshops to ensure the delivery of the product as imagined.

We create projects that ensure the best quality code, stability and maintainability and that can easily scale.

  • Product Development

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Strategy Consulting

Launching a new product or looking for help for an existing one?

With the capacity for on-site or remote consultancy, our engineers support your team(s) in the development or improvement phase of your product. By joining your team and projects, we do not only work on the technical side, but make sure the team members understand the processes and decisions that are taken to ensure continuity and efficiency of the project.

All our engineers benefit from a range of educational content: a personal uplifting program, training opportunities, code retreats and internal R&D projects to ensure they are up to date with the latest technologies to bring them to your company and share them with your developers.

  • Technologies Carousel

    Technologies Carousel

    For teams considering new JavaScript frameworks for their stack, we organise a “carousel” workshop. This workshop offers a structured presentation of each of the technologies with a case study to back the theory up. After a deep dive in the technologies and a discussion on their characteristics, we can help you with the implementation of your choice.

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Tech Jargon App

A fun and interactive app to discover the tech terminology and understand the IT world.

Coming Soon

The Hackages team and the Hackages community

Our passionate team has worked with different companies and teams, from startups to multinationals, to provide them with the necessary knowledge and support to make their projects a reality.

The Hackages team is actively engaged with the community. We love organising events and contributing to open source software projects sharing our knowledge and expertise. We also speak and run workshops at conferences around Europe.

In 3 years, we have grown 6 JavaScript Labs and a React Lab with over 7000 members in Belgium, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Luxembourg and Zurich, and have organised over 100 HackJams community events in 10 countries.

Do you want to join Hackages?

We are always open to meet passionate people sharing our mission, so feel free to drop us a line!

  • Host a HackJam at your company

    We are always looking for enthusiastic organisations to host our events and help us in spreading our knowledge and in growing the communities around Europe.

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  • Join a HackJam near you

    Grab your computer, participate, meet awesome people and join our growing & vibrant tech community!

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